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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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$5 million. i'm tony harris. i'll see you back here tonight. the news continues next live from london. >> and you join us live. i'm david foster. this is some of what we'll be looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes. a woman is stabbed in a bus stop in jerusalem despite security measures to stop such attacks. soldiers use tear gas on palestinian procession after a
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funeral. iran troops on the ground. >> i'm adrian brown in southeast china, a manufacturing hub where they prepare for christmas all the year round. but orders are down and it's not just china's slowing economy that is to blame. >> i'm robin adams with the sport. we have tokyo 2020 games in the spotlight. and more on football's governing board. >> despite security measures being introduced by israel there is no let up. the latest just a few hours ago saw an israeli woman stabbed at
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jerusalem's main bus station. since the start of october, 32 palestinians and seven israelis have died in the violence. in the last hour the palestinian president called for its troops to step down and asked for the international community to step in and help. >> we are people who are asking for rights. we don't want aggression against our people. we're asking for the world. the united nations to intervene. we will not tolerate this occupation. we will not give up fighting the israeli policies which are against our people and our sacred sites. we will not stand for the killing of our children in cold blood. >> roadblocks have been set up. they're closing off the entrances to some palestinian neighborhoods in east jerusalem. israeli soldiers have been deployed in some parts of the country and reservists have been called up. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has threatened to
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revoke residency rights. despite this, hundreds hurl stones after the funeral of a palestinian shot dead on tuesday. mike hanna has more from east jerusalem. [ gunfire ] >> chaos in the streets of bethlehem. these clashes following the funeral o of a 27-year-old who was protesting in the same area 24 hours ago. in stark contrast the streets are quiet after yesterday's violence. few residents venturing in this normally bustle, they have been deployed in israeli cities as part of what the government calls heightened security measures. >> you can see it's almost empty here.
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>> occupied east jerusalem is intensely calm. palestinian residents bracing themselves for punitive israeli action that could include the blockade of neighborhoods or the demolition of homes belonging to those who have taken part in attacks in recent days. >> the only way to achieve goals between the israelis and palestinians. is to establish the two state solution along side. >> three of the palestinians who were shot and killed in the past 24 hours come from this neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem. each of them carried an israeli issued i.d. and perhaps the most terrible security measure announced is a decision not to return their bodies to their families in addition the government is considering
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burying them in a remote military area. three israelis were killed in the attacks they carried out. but the decision to withhold the bodies of those of israeli i.d.s is a red line that no previous israeli government has crossed. in seeking to manage the conflict by flexing muscle, they may well be sowing the seeds of greater violence to come. mike hanna, al jazeera, jerusalem. >> al jazeera's andrew simmons is in west jerusalem. give us the latest you have, andrew, on these attacks that we've seen in the last few hours. >> if they thought it would make any difference, it's completely shattered. you can see the scene of west jerusalem bus station when the police special forces were
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running through the building. i think you can hear the screams of shoppers and travelers confused, not sure what is going on, complete chaos there, running all the way through the mall, and then you can see that this phone video not very good quality, but the, you can't quite see in this video, but you see movement towards a doorway and gunshots can be heard on the original transmission. you can see the gunshots fire at the man who is ends up lying dead not quite laid out there on that video. but really a chaotic situation. the woman, the police say, a woman, an elderly woman was moderate to seriously injured. she's in hospital. and this came hours after another alleged attempted attack
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with a knife on security forces army at damascus gate in east jerusalem. that incident ended up with police open firing on the man the circumstances aren't exactly clear on what happened. but there is some video evidence being circulated on social media of the man being shot as he appeared to be running away. >> now the circumstances i would say there is no independent verification of what happened, but again questions are being asked about the circumstances in which the very difficult circumstances sometimes in which the security forces are acting. quite a desperate situation again tonight in jerusalem, david. >> andrew, we'll leave it there. thank you. let's go to ramallah. we're there in the occupied west bank. listening to the palestinian
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president talk, i wonder if he was trying to reconnect with some of these demonstrators to try to reassert thinks authority using words like courageous palestinians, your resistence has earned the attention. you're our martyrs, victory is coming. do you sense that he's trying very much to realign himself with what is going on? >> well, you do get that sense even though during that very short speech he did not directly address the youth order university students who are really at the core of the demonstrations happening here and all this happening in the occupied west bank. they did not care what the leadership had to say. they for the state of affairs if
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you may in this part of the occupied west bank. and shortly after the speech i spoke with some of the demonstrators. i spoke mainly to a young girl. she's hitly live ammunitions during one of the protests here in ramallah. i asked what she thought about it. she said he's trying to tell us that he's going through the legal means and noted the fact that over the speech there was a picture overlaid that was the picture of a palestinian boy who was wounded and left on the sidewalk for quite awhile before the paramedics took him to hospital. that hospital is is very symbolic among the youth.
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he's trying to tell us that he feels for us, but at the end of the day earlier i was at the university. i don't think they received as much as they wanted from him. >> obviously there is always two parts of the story. with the deep level of suspicion between the two sides, the youth here would tell you that they're a 13-year-old boy. how could he be so violent, and anyway, why was he left on the
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sidewalk for such a long time when he was badly wounded and gasping for air. with the current state of mistrust i think every video, there are two sides of the stories and two reactions. >> we've covered two the two sides of the story. how about the restrictions. how difficul how different is daily life. >> well, most of the restrictions occupy east jerusalem. the restrictions are going to be much more difficult for them to reach jerusalem to get out of the many check points that surround the occupied west bank. when i asked the students
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earlier in the day they said this is not a new measure that we've never heard of before. they referred to in the past it happened before. they said stories about their elder, they call it a cemetery of numbers apparently the tombs are just numbered. there are no names. they says bad for the families to be left grieving without a body, but they say if we're going to the demonstrations, we know that the risk of being wounded, where our bodies stay at the end of the day is not the biggest problem at the moment.
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>> russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that the united states is refusing to send the delegation over syria. he condemned what he believes is western interference in syria's foreign policy are lead to go chaos and rejection. >> arriving in syria to support an offensive i in aleppo. we have that story from beirut.
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>> they don't hide the fact that they play an advisory role in syria that they have military advisers on the ground along side syrian forces. but the official line is that no, they don't have ground forces in syria. but we've been hearing reports from pro iran sources saying that thousands of troops have arrived in syria to take part in ground operations along side the syrian government as well as their lebanese ally the shia armed group hezbollah. these armed groups with the top ranking official. he's talking about a positive outcome as a result of the ongoing coordination between russia, iraq, iran and syria. but on the ground, yes, the
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assault led by the government as well as the russian airstrikes have really pushed rebels back from a number of front lines placing the rebels on the offensive. but these reports, undoubtedly significant. ever since russia joined the military efforts in syria, more information has been coming out saying that iran troops are on the ground. they're helping the syrian government. an many believe this is a message from iran. but we're still here. we are still a player, and we still have a say in syria, and we do not want to be left out of any political talks to find the settle because there is no doubt that russia's intervention where they have split russia in the spotlight of efforts to try to find a political solution. >> iraqi forces say they've made
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significant advances against isil. but infighting hat delayed the offensive. >> these sunni fighters chant, we're not afraid. they belong to cries from the sunni anbar province who are opposed to the armed group. and have just completed a training program with the iraqi military. their graduation ceremony was attended by sunni tribal leaders and army commanders. it was a deliberate show of unity as the government prepares what it is central fight. >> these are your sons. we want them integrated and recognized officially.
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>> the recruits have been trained to be part of what has been called the national guard. a proposed arm force made up slowly of local fighters. it's meant to address concerns in predominantly sunni areas. as the forces are trying to gain control. as a result, prime minister hyder al abadi has not been able to launch an offensive in anbar after promising to do so for weeks. >> there is no trust between the government forces including the so-called popular mobilization forces and the sunni tribal fighters. that's why there is a delay in the upcoming offensive.
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>> isil first launched a to take back the city in july. >> prime minister hyder al abadi's strategy has been described by some political analysts as a complete mess. still it was determined that he was prepared to take ramadi from the armed group, but until he breaks the political deadlock and addresses sectarian concerns he'll have a hard time doing so. al jazeera. baghdad. >> coming up, do stay with us on the news hour. we've got this, forced out on the call baon the talabani. imports. cracking down on products that could be made at home. and we have those who have not
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won the world series since 1908. and we have more with robin. >> this is aden. the port city of the south recently recaptured by government troops. the government and central bank have relocated here. employees have been waiting for months to get their salaries. >> i haven't received my salary for the last two months.
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bank officials tell us they're still running out of cash. >> a woman died while queuing up to withdraw cash. >> pro government officials say that the crisis started when houthi took over. >> we need $100 million to pay employees in aden, and elsewhere. >> aden and areas under government control means that millions of yemenis in our city also have to wait until the political crisis is over. yemen is divided the north is under houthi controls.
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yemen is the poorest country in the airplane world and many are worried that it will go bankrupt in the war dragged on. >> three turkish security officials are suspended because of the attacks in ankara on saturday. 97 people were killed, 500 were hurt when a peace rally was targeted. >> u.s. president abraham obam barack obama said that they would send troops nigeria will lead the fight against the armed group. let's join pa my colleague in the u.s. capital washington, d.c.
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what are these american crops going to do? >> they will be involved in swans and reconnaissance and aerial operation. that will mean the deployment over the board in cameroon and nigeria. now they've said that the americans that they wanted to help the regional countries in their fight against boko haram, so you can see why they're putting this number on to the ground. they will be armed, but we're told that this is for forced protection rather than any offensive role. it's a situation where it was talked about when he was in kenya during the summer and the last few months. now he's following up with their promise given that they have come to him and asked for help.
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>> length of type in what he's going to do. is it open ended or saying that you're only going to this amount of time and then you're going home. >> well, he has it write a letter to congress saying i'm going to tell you about it. 19 have gone and the number could go up to 300 in due course. as long as the cameroon government said that we're happy with them, we need them in our battles against boko haram, we'll keep them there. for the moment this is open epbed with no end in they will stay as long as the mission is thought to be important to the cameroon government, and as long as the americans are willing to help. >> thank you. a the war in syria, the after a third round of talks with u.s. counterparts on the rules that
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may have air-to-hair combat there is a convergence on the situation. we will have to explain that in just a little bit when we get that information. refugees have sought asylum in sweden in 2014, and 86,000 have applied to stay there so far this year. jonah hull went to meet at least two of them. >> we are catch up with abera as their say li their asylum claims are processed. it didn't the sweden that they had imagined. >> the future here, i didn't think it would be like that. >> she shows me what appears to be bullying threats from immigration officials.
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>> no, no. >> if you hate it, go somewhere else. >> he argued with this guy from damascus. he said give me the and i will throw you out of sweden. >> he said give me your identify card and i'll throw you out. >> yes. >> i put all this to the immigration minister. >> this is really a problem because so many people are coming right now, and it's really a challenge for the authorities to be able to set up proper housing for people, and to have a proper control of what is happening with them. this is--we're not dealing with there so good as we should. >> you have to travel a long way
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into the middle of nowhere to find these camps for want of a better word. people waiting months an months for their asylum applications to be processed. living in conditions that they didn't expect to find here in sweden. one day life for them in sweden will be much better, but even this country with its long history of welcoming refugees from hungary, from the practicinwars, are finding it hard to cope. >> do you think that the swedish people have limits? >> no, i think the opposite. because we started collecting here for clothes, and it was streaming to us so much. >> so people care.
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>> people care. they do. >> as we talk about the past. about syria, her father breaks down. >> this is not the life they chose. jonah hull, al jazeera, sweden. >> thousands of french police have been protesting about what they say are increasing the unsafe working conditions. here they are outside of the justice ministry calling for more sport. this was a week after a shootout in a paris suburb. >> just a matter of days, but the impact of taliban control is still being felt. the group has now pulled its fighters out of kunduz. but many people have already
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fled from. >> i couldn't go to his funeral. the road was unsafe and also on two unrecognizable. my mother wa was--i was the only breadwinner for the family. because of this i could not see my father for the last time. >> the fighters raided the station and stole all of the equipment, records and video files. a few photos are all that remains of what was the only independent tv station in kunduz. now her fiancé is kabul is worried. >> now that she's here, when i
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go out with her i feel like we're in danger, and i don't want her going out alone. >> the taliban has pulled out of kunduz city, but she said that there are taliban fighters in surrounding districts, and she said she does not feel it will be safe to go back. >> i thought the taliban would behave well against ordinary people, but i was wrong. the taliban will never treat people properly. >> the detectiver said that he does want to return to kunduz and rebuild, but it won't be easy. the taliban stole about 100,000 worth of equipment. much of it came from international downers. >> the international community gave much in the past, but i don't think the assistance will be like it used to be.
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>> the taliban had threatened employees of two most popular television stations because of the reporting in kunduz. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> coming up here on the news hour. calling for change in south africa as protesters demand the end of corruption. we have sport after five years of cricketing world. we return is a magical milestone.
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>> puerto rico's debt crisis. >> they're gonna demonstrate right outside where the governor lives. >> are hedge funds offering a fix? >> those investments will spark the economic recovery. >> or just fixing the odds? >> they're trying to force us into one course of action. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> palestinian president mahmood abbas has called for international intervention.
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the violence seen bring in restrictions. the knife attacks and it has been announced that the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will go to the middle east soon to try to bring some kind of calm to the situation. >> okay, let's talk about that violence in israel and palestine in the studios. are we seeing a third part of the violence? >> some say it has started and it started last year with the burning of a boy in a village by settlers. i certainly think that there is a generational struggle here. a new generation has picked up,
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they're leader less and autonomous. >> they are communicating through social, now we're at one with each other, whether it's secular or islamist, that's the pointed comment about the division of the leadership. and mahmood abbas is saying that now is the time for action. was he trying desperately to reconnect himself with the palestinian--with all aspects of palestinian society? particularly the young? >> indeed easy.
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however, i'm not sure that he'll success. i think there is a disconnect between the palestinian leadership and the pa and what was going out on the streets. i also think that there is a part of the resistence. for the youth who have taken part in the offense they said that they're protesting. >> when he said in a they paid in their blood and congratulations to you all. is he throwing out a challenge to netanyahu, who has said to him in a speech in the last 24 hours, mr. president, do not turn murderers into heroes? >> well, i think he's trying to
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turn into credibility, but words are not of the same value as they once were. >> if anyone wanted to stop this now, or would it be down to-- >> there is a crackdown on east jerusalem which i think is a dangerous prospect there will be more check points and more flash points. i personally don't think this is stoppable. >> is there a different climate now than previous when we've seen up rising because of the international community now seems more in line with calls for palestinians state to d
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hood. >> this is now been 20 years. i'm not into predictions. >> from their sense. >> from their sense, yes, probably. on a year after the second oslo accord. there should have been the palestinian state. since then they would have seen 600 settlers and more and more incursions on the al aqsa mosque, and basically he would have seen his vision of an
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independent palestinian state disappear before his eyes. >> he's one of those who died. >> he's one of those who died. >> thank you. >> well, there have been morallies in south africa with the call for government there to stamp out all kinds of corruption. >> the work's trade union . >> in the past two decades delivered mass poverty, mass unemployment, and we're saying to government they must make up.
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>> government corruption is estimated to cost south africans billions of dollars a year, but most people still vote for the anc. some believe opposition forces could be using the anti-corruption movement to create support for a new political party. >> many of these forces were critical both of the government, this was require. >> the 1990s set the station upon corruption. one of the men imprisoned for taking a bribe was president jacobson's former financial adviser. recently, described as improper
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payments from the japanese government hitachi to build new power stations. >> since this movement started, to strengthen it's own anti-corruption bodies. >> they say that the corruption is hurting their image and these people. the party has promised action, but people here do not believe that the party of nelson mandela is capable of stopping corruption. >> rice, toothpicks and cement all banned by nigerian government imports. there are among 41 things that can now only be produced in nigeria to create jobs.
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but business owners are not all that happy. >> this is the last supply of concentrated tomato paste bees processed. it was imported from california. but now the nigerian government has put an unofficial ban on its import including rice, cement and toothpicks. the government said that these items can be produced in nigeria, and it believes the decision will force producers to set up factories here and create jobs. but works here are about to lose their jobs because there aren't factory that is produce tomato paste. the decision to stop the importation of these items was announced by the central bank known as the cbn. >> the cbn did this overnight.
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>> all this manpower will become jobless. >> even tomatoes are grown in large quantities in nigeria, there is no way to process them into tomato products. that's the same problem facing the other products that have been banned. >> the government has put the ban in place to stop playing foreign suppliers through the banking system. it means that exporters will no longer send their products to nigeria as there is no guarantee that they will be paid. the government said this is a the shock period needed to get people back to working.
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>> let it import and produce them in this country an. >> the fallen oil price has led to a shortage of u.s. doctors that but the government is not relenting. as they look at how to produce tomato concentrate to stay in business. >> a little more evidence that china's economy is slowing down. the consumer inflation, well, it decelerated in september putting more pressure on beijing to stimulate the economy to encourage things. as adrian brown found. >> it's the world's christmas
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snow room. a vast one-stop i a emporiums for christmas around the world. today an indicator of china's economy. >> my business has dropped almost by half. >> his factory makes artificial cross-examine trees. until now europe has been his most important market, but growth there has remained sluggish and the euro is weaker against the china yuen. >> the product from overseas orders have decreased a lot. >> and there are other problems. labor costs are rising.
2:46 pm
they're 30% higher than they were many years ago. >> the prophet is less and less, and the works' bay is getting higher and higher. that's why i closed my factory. >> in other words, factories are the world's workshop are struggling to remain level. >> this is very much the face of made in china, but it's the face that the chinese government wants to slowly phase out. it wants to end this sort of low-end manufacturing focusing on high-tech injuries. it could mean a pain of the transition of its. >> the government has called for us to use more advanced technology, but certain things still have to be made by hand
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the traditional way. >> the or then og is on this cluster of crudely maded a sends prices almost always negotiable. >> i don't know. there are so many many in this area, too many. >> it is not all bad news for atheists in china christmas is becoming popular. al jazeera in southeast china. >> stay with us on the news hour. we have this. >> i'm assess can bold win. a new show of complicated abilities. >> ralph nadal with a square in shanghai. we have robin with that and the rest of sports. stake around.
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>> one to one of the world's best known graphic artists whose image is everywhere but his name is not that well-known. that could change. the work of m c escher went along. >> the tower of babel shown from a bird's-eye view by m.c.escher. he said he wanted to show the action from above, the tower where god gave different languages to people and scattered them across the earth.
2:50 pm
normal rules of gravity do not supply. it was the inspiration for the video game for echo chrome. his artwork is everywhere. his work has largely been ignored by museums. >> escher is so famous that it can't be good. it's a cliché way of thinking. >> the artist worked on his own at home in his studios at the "u. he took patterns of identical
2:51 pm
shapes that could be repeated endlessly. more interested in solving puzzles in his arrested he could not be more involved. >> visitors are encouraged to make their own severallies. since then his record what has been difficult is echer's work finding it's rightful space. >> and here is robin. >> david foster, good to see you. thank you so much. fifa's ethic committee has suspended another the man who
2:52 pm
wants to be fifa president has warned against the delaying of the february 26th vote. the swiss criminal investigation has been the result of the suspension of blatter. it has led to call for the election to be postpone. it is satisfied with the latest guarantees for preparations on thon 2020 olympic games. >> a show of olympic unity tokyo. the organizing committee in th the 2020 summer games hosting senior members of the olympic committee japanese organizers trying to assure everyone that they're on the right track and recovering from a series of false starts. >> we're very pleased japanese
2:53 pm
politicians are putting a brave faith on what has become a national embarrassment. >> we would like to learn from london's olympics exists in the legacy that they created and apply it to tokyo's olympic and parapolitical games. organizers have already scrapped the original plan for a new olympic stadium because of criticism of its design and high costs it also cost the job of the minister responsible for the games. delays in starting construction may mean that it won't be ready as promised by 2020.
2:54 pm
compounding the problems are accusations that the game's logo has been plagiarized and wiped copied from a theater in begum. >> the logo may be copyright. that's surprising. i would like them to acknowledge that they would do it because of the similarities between the two logos. the skeptics are wondering how many more hurdles will they face before the games begin in one year's time. >> to cricket, pakistan firmly in control of the first step against england.
2:55 pm
>> well, number one djokovic is through to the third round of the masters but it was a difficult day on court for the ma man to open just three days ago. nadal eventually winning on the tie break. putting him in the next round. reaching the nationalships for the first type. nevada not won the series for 107 years. it was the ca cardinals who would start. the chicago fans.
2:56 pm
the three-run homer giving chicago the lead. the cardinals would come back to level the game. but home runs from anthony rizzo and kyle schwarber, the cubs inching the post for the very first time andor. >> this is what celebration looks like in a town that looks like they're celebrating. they haven't even come this close since 2007. if they win the division then they go to the ears. if you don't think that's a big deal they have not won in the world series that's before world war i, world war ii. they believe the curse has been broken. and they'll end up going to the world series. who is going to the world series? >> the chicago cubs are going to
2:57 pm
the world series. >> well, you heard it here. >> the cubs will play the winner between the los angeles dodgers and th the new york mets. that is your sport. david in london. >> robin, we thank you very much, indeed. take a look at these pictures. the national history museum. the dog of the year, this is the after math of a fight between a red fox and his arctic cousin. this is from junior photographer of the year. it's a 50-year-old competition, 42,000 entries. julie mcdonald is next.
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thank you for joining the news hour. see you next time. bye bye. but it's real. and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. >> oil in the arctic. >> we're the eyes and the ears here in the arctic, we wanna be prepared. >> as the ice recedes and potential danger builds, can science keep a step ahead of disaster? >> we can't go back if we have a
2:59 pm
significant accident. the oil will make its way into the ice. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. >> saturdays on al jazeera america. technology... it's a vital part of who we are - >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... >> don't try this at home! >> techknow, where technology meets humanity... saturday, 6:30 eastern.
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only on al jazeera america. >> two palestinians are shot dead after separate stabbings in jerusalem as the israeli government prepares a new security crackdown. >> as the violence continues there is a call for international help. i'm julie mcdonald live from london. coming up reports that assad's forces now have the support of iranian troops. nigeria's cost practice down on products that he it shoes